Sociology vs. Social Work Studies: Which Bachelor's to Study in 2022?

Sociology and Social Work have the same focus – us, as members of society. But don’t let that fool you the two are the same thing. If we were to sum each discipline in four words, we can easily say that: Sociology is based on research, while Social Work focuses on problem-solving.

But, because you haven’t come here to read 8-words worth of explanation, let’s analyse each and discover which Bachelor’s degree subject is best suited for you.

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1. Sociology versus Social Work: What does each degree teach you? 

Sociology Bachelor’s degrees are focused on understanding human interaction, looking at distinctive groups and cultures. In other words, Sociology is the theoretical part you will need to study and apply as a social worker.

Social Work deals with defining and discovering new methods that influence human behaviour and interactions to change group dynamics, and to help people overcome their problems.

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Social work is, sometimes, mistakenly considered applied Sociology. No. Just no. This field targets individual problems and issues, such as: chemical dependency, youth and mental health, child development, poverty, community building, and the like.

The impact of Social Work is on a micro-scale, while Sociology focuses on macro-scales, even if both are considered to be focused on combating social injustice.

That’s the easiest way to remember them, actually: Sociology is focused on facts, and Social Work on the consequences of actions.

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2. Where should you study a Bachelor’s in Sociology?

Studying the evolution of humankind is the same all over the world, although the final product of that said evolution tends to differ wildly.

Still, don’t be afraid to break barriers and borders and go and study a Bachelor in Sociology abroad, as it will definitively give you fresh perspectives. Based on our data, the most popular destinations for Sociology are the UK, France and Ireland.

Going into more depth, we can also recommend these awesome universities, for your Bachelor’s degree:

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3. Where should you study a Bachelor’s in Social Work?

You don’t need to be in a specific country to do good deeds and take care of people. Still, because we can’t just add 100+ links to countries all over the world, we can help you with 3 of the most popular destinations for students who wish to study a Bachelor in Social Work, namely the USA, the UK and Canada.

Even better, some of the universities we heartily recommend for a degree in Social Work are:

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4. Sociology and Social Work careers

After you graduate your degree in Sociology or Social Work (and after you party all night), you can go get serious and apply to various types of jobs. Which ones do you think are suited for you? 

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And now the info you’ve probably been waiting for: what are the typical salaries for graduates in these two disciplines. When it comes down to your salary, you should first know that it mostly depends on where you decide to work and what career path you take. For example, the average pay in the US is usually:

  • Graduates with a degree in Social Work: 51,750 USD/year
  • Graduates with a degree in Sociology: 86,100 USD/year

So, now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about these two types of degrees, feel free to go and change society for the better!

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