Top 10 U.S. Engineering Schools for a Bachelor's Degree in Technology in 2018

Engineering and Technology Bachelors in the United States are the key and starting point to success for plenty of international students dreaming of doing their part in making society a better place to live for all of us.

The study of technology can be applied to practically every area of interest, from the invention of a product to research leading to high-end technology developments. The United States is often regarded as a cradle of technology studies and many colleges and engineering schools all over the country have developed a wide range of undergraduate study options for ambitious students.

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What engineering options to choose from?

Engineering and Technology is a discipline that involves the study of devices, systems, materials, structures and processes with the purpose of responding to the needs of society. The road to a profession in the field begins with the right Bachelor’s degree course.

The home of engineering schools with a strong international reputation is where you can take one of the specializations mentioned below or you can study a branch of engineering.Best tech schools 3.jpgMore than 340 accredited universities in the USA offer over 2,300 undergraduate degrees in technology and engineering. Read about engineering graduate degrees in the USA
Reach for the top: The best tech schools in the USA

U.S. News has developed a ranking which reveals the top American technology schools that you can enrol in, offering the best teaching, research, knowledge gained and international outlook. Here are the first ten options and the companies where you can build a career after graduation. Each of the universities and colleges mentioned below feature prestigious engineering schools that are well-known abroad.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

MIT was founded in 1861 and since then it gathered among its alumni 85 Nobel laureates and other 132 other scientific awards winners. This may be a reason why 8% of the applicants are actually admitted into their degree course of choice.

Some of the graduates got employed at Google, Oracle, Amazon, Apple, Boeing, Microsoft, the US Air Force, Nike and other known companies.

2. Stanford University

The university is collaborated with companies from the Silicon Valley and among its alumni it has 20 Nobel laureates. In the field of research, Stanford has a portfolio of 5,500 externally sponsored projects worth of a 1.22 billion USD budget.

3. University of California – Berkeley

This public research university is prestigious for its 72 Nobel prizes gained by graduates and researchers. The Berkeley lab is the place where 16 chemical elements from the periodic table were discovered. At University of California – Berkeley, you can test out your engineering ideas in a special laboratory for design innovation.

4. California Institute of Technology

At California Institute of Technology, you can benefit from a complete study experience where you will focus a lot on research and practical exercises. The university features research centres and institutes in sustainability, neuroscience, nanoscience, and a bioengineering centre. Caltech takes pride with its alumni and their great achievements including 35 Nobel Prizes.

Additionally, the university manages facilities such as the Seismological Laboratory and several astronomical observatories.

5. Georgia Institute of Technology

Among others, the university is famous for its nine satellite campuses, out of which some are found in France, Ireland, Singapore, and China.

The university is classified as an institution with high research activities by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Besides athletes, the graduates from Georgia Tech are hired yearly in about 1,000 companies and organization and earn altogether 20 million USD/year. Among them, there is the former US president Jimmy Carter and other astronauts and influential personalities.

6. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

This public research-intensive university holds the second-largest academic library in the USA. It is regarded as “a world-leading magnet for engineering and sciences” by the Centre of Measuring University Performance study.

Out of its alumni, 21 are Nobel laureates and 20 Pulitzer Prize winners. Some of the graduates founded companies such as PayPal, Oracle, YouTube, Tesla Motors, AMD, Firefox, Oracle, and others.

7. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan has over 200 undergraduate programmes that, in time, led to over 6.500 degrees. One of the over 2,000 graduates was the late US president Gerald Ford. Writers, actors, and politicians also had their higher education at the University of Michigan. There even is a plaque on the moon that mentions the university name.

8. Carnegie Mellon University

The university is focused on private research and also has campuses in Qatar and Silicon Valley, along with its main campus in Pennsylvania. Here are found the first degree courses in Robotics and Drama in the world, as well as the first Computer Science departments. In 2005 only, the university conducted research worth of over 703 million USD.

Among its alumni, there are 19 Nobel Prize laureates, 72 members of National Academies and many others.

9. Cornell University

Within Cornell University, you can follow Bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Engineering, Materials Science, Chemical or Biomedical Engineering. Through your research practice, which represents a significant part of any tech degree, you will gain valuable skills and become an active member of the university community.

Many students from Cornell University graduated with distinction in research.

10. Purdue University – West Lafayette

Alumnae from Purdue University – West Lafayette have been involved in outstanding research work which led to famous inventions such as Wiki application, the microwave, or LED lights. Examples of engineering Bachelor’s degree you can enrol at the university are: Agricultural, Aeronautical, Biomedical, Civil and Industrial Engineering.

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Where else can you study a Bachelor of Technology?

You don't always have to pursue the most famous universities in engineering to get the best education for yourself. You may not be pleased with their tuition fees, location or other aspects. Below you can find some alternatives that offer good alternatives to undergraduate degree programmes in engineering and technology.

Popular careers after graduating a tech Bachelor

Whether it is connected to engineering or not, technology is a discipline that offers perspectives of employment in plenty of domains, in public organisations and authorities or private companies. You can easily find a job as:

  • Computer software engineer
  • Information security specialist
  • Database administrator
  • Software developer
  • Information systems manager
  • Information security analyst
  • Website developer
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