Best Business Schools and MBA Degrees in Asia 2019

Business schools all over Asia have proved that they do not fall behind other reputed universities and colleges in the world. Following an MBA degree at a famous U.S. or UK business school is no longer the ultimate and obvious choice when it comes to getting a greater acknowledgement of your studies and inevitably having the guarantee that you will fulfil your career goals.

Applying for an MBA programme in China, RussiaMalaysiaHong Kong, Singapore, Turkey,  or anywhere else in Asia, will certainly help you stand out in the eyes of employers. Not to mention that if you are interested in making business or pursuing a career in Asia, an MBA course at any of the top Asian business schools will offer you insights into the Asian culture and business environment.

Top 10 business schools in Asia by Financial Times 2018

As one of the international leading business news magazines, Financial Times posts a ranking with the best business schools in the world every year. See below the ten institutions that lead the top of all business schools all over Asia according to Financial Times, and the average salary that most graduates get three years after finishing their MBA at the corresponding university.

Top business schools in Asia by The Economist 2018

Rankings of Asian business schools offered by the Economist are somewhat different compared to those posted by Financial Times. Centred more on the students’ point of view, in terms of the number of career opportunities after graduation, higher income and numerous possibilities for international partnerships and contacts, here are the leading business schools in Asia, according to the Economist.

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Offering world-class business education, with a strong focus on international students and underpinned by research institutes, Asian business schools provide competitive MBA programmes. However, Asia is a big continent and offers endless MBA opportunities, not just the ones you found in the list above.

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What students are saying about business schools from Asia

Apart from rankings, you can get a fair idea about a university and its study programmes by looking at what graduates say about them. Here's some reviews of the top universities mentioned above: 

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