From Novice to Chief Engineer – 6 Best Paying Careers for Engineering Graduates in the U.S. Where to study

Engineering Master's degrees are some of the most popular study tracks in the world, with over 100,000 international students enrolling in undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the United States every year. Rapid technology advancements and limited natural resources have made the demand for new engineers greater than ever.

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In case you were wondering, you can’t go wrong with an Engineering degree, as international employers are constantly looking for new talent from a diverse range of engineering specialisations. In general, you can enjoy fast career advancement even without continuing your studies with a Master’s degree.

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Once you complete any engineering degree, many doors will open for work opportunities in top international businesses, from Siemens, General Electric to BMW or SpaceX.

If you choose a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering in the U.S., you will be taught by expert professors in your chosen specialisation and benefit from state-of-the-art laboratories leading to advanced research.

Find out main reasons why the USA is such a popular study abroad location.

Top 6 best-paid engineering specialisations in the USA

The field of engineering covers a broad range of subjects. Here are just some examples with average entry-level salaries for graduates, and average overall annual salaries.

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1. Computer Engineering

Graduates work in analog and digital design; install, maintain, and operate computer systems; perform software programming; conduct network administration and digital communication.

  • Median entry-level salary: 67,000 USD
  • Average annual salary: 110,000 USD

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2. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers develop, test and build electronic equipment used in communication, medical services, military applications, navigation, IT, and more. See what you can become with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

  • Median entry-level salary: 64,000 USD
  • Average annual salary: 96,000 USD

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3. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers analyse, manufacture and design mechanical systems while finding efficient solutions for the development of small components to extremely large plant, machinery or vehicles. See what you can become with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Median entry-level salary: 61,500 USD
  • Average annual salary: 87,000 USD

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4. Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers develop technology to protect the natural environment and prevent environmental hazards.

  • Median entry-level salary: 64,000 USD
  • Average annual salary: 96,000 USD

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5. Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers work in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and petroleum industries, in laboratories or processing plants. Read more about how to become a chemical engineer.

  • Median entry-level salary: 64,000 USD
  • Average annual salary: 96,000 USD

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6. Civil Engineering

Civil engineers research, plan and build highways, buildings, bridges, dams, and other structures, while also considering ways to maintain the integrity of constructions. Find out more about careers in civil engineering.

  • Median entry-level salary: 64,000 USD
  • Average annual salary: 96,000 USD

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Unique work opportunities in the States

As you have noticed above, studying an engineering degree can result in incredible job offerings and salaries upon graduation. Over 50% of the best Engineering schools, as well as the best engineering jobs are located on the West Coast (in California), including the famous Silicon Valley. You can also find prestigious engineering degrees at top colleges on the East Coast in:

Other good regions in the U.S. with good engineering job opportunities include cities such as:

Some of these best engineering schools in the world supply top international companies like Facebook, Google or Apple, with experts in the field of technology. Engineering students can also work for big names like NASA, Boeing, Cisco Systems, Lockheed Martin, Siemens, or General Motors.

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Top 10 universities in the States with the best ROI for an engineering degree

Studying a Master in Engineering in the U.S. is expensive. That is why, before applying to an engineering degree in the States you should consider the long term profit of your education investment. Here is a list of top 10 universities in the USA with the best return on investment.

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The following list has been done considering the 30-Year Net Return on Investment of engineering schools in the United States:

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