7 Masters in Communications with Low Tuition Fees in Europe in 2021

Tuition fees can play a very important role for students when applying for an English-taught Master's programme. When trying to study abroad, it's not always easy receiving scholarship or finding a programme with low tuition fees. Fortunately, there are a number of highly regarded universities in Europe offering study programmes with little or no tuition fees.

Students who choose to get a degree in Communication will gain numerous versatile skills and become highly marketable. Communication experts are in high demand in all business sectors, and recent studies suggest that communication skills are more or equally valued as technical skills when it comes to getting hired.

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1. Master's in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts 

  • University of Luxembourg
  • Tuition fee: 400 EUR/year
  • Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

For this Master programme, you can choose the language of instruction: English, French or German and you will also learn an additional foreign language of your choice. This Master’s degree focuses on key aspects related to linguistic and cultural diversity in fields like business, education and other various professional contexts.

Students will get to attend master classes taught by international experts and will gain knowledge of essential theories and methods used in sociolinguistics or digital literacy.

2. M.A. in International Business and Management

  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Tuition fee: Free
  • Location: Sønderborg, Denmark

This Master’s degree analyses PR practices and challenges in an international business environment and you will learn how to create, design and adapt corporate documents, such as technical documentation and product development. Students get the chance to learn language and linguistics of English, German, or Danish and will be able to critically assess aspects of linguistic communication.

3. M.A. Intercultural Communication

  • University of Jyväskylä
  • Tuition fee: Free
  • Location: Jyväskylä, Finland

The M.A. in Language, Globalization and Intercultural Communication (University of Jyväskylä) is a two-year programme in intercultural communication studies, during which students explore the cultural implications of the ongoing changes in how people from various cultures interact with each other and the changing world. There are strong theoretical and practical aspects to the programme, providing communication and expression competencies required in the multicultural, networked world.

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4. M.A. Communication Management 

  • Tallinn University
  • Tuition fee: 3,800 EUR/semester
  • Location: Tallinn, Estonia

The programme is designed for people who are interested in learning how communication can contribute to an organisation’s strategy and success as well as in society at large. Areas covered in the course are media relations, organisational behaviour, strategic communication and planning, stakeholder relations, research methodology, risk and crisis communication and marketing.


5. M.Sc. Communication Studies: New media and Society in Europe 

  • Vrije University Brussels
  • Tuition fee: 950 EUR/year
  • Location: Brussels, Belgium

This one-year Master’s programme focuses on the study of recent developments and practices in media in a European context. You can specialise in communication methods used either in business, public policies or journalism. Students will be taught about communication ethics in business and will acquire research and soft skills used in all communication channels.

6. M.A. Journalism and Social Communication 

  • University of Wroclaw
  • Tuition fee: 2,200 EUR/year
  • Location: Wroclaw, Poland

This two-year Master's programme is mainly dedicated to students preparing to become specialists in journalism, editorial, PR, or media. Students will be introduced to the intriguing investigation methods used in journalism, will learn how to handle press conferences, and create compelling messages for any type of audience.

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7. M.Sc. Communication Studies 

  • University of Twente
  • Tuition fee: 2,083 EUR/year (Only for EEA students)
  • Location: Enschede, Netherlands

This Master's programme gives students the theoretical grounding and practical know-how to tackle today’s communication challenges. It focuses on the themes that matter most to communication professionals, with specialisations in corporate communication, marketing communication, media & communication, and technical communication.

The programme has close ties with the university’s communication science research program, with a special focus on the organisational context and the relationship between communication and technology (high-tech, human touch), all with a strong international flavor.

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