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Tampere University of Technology, Finland: Study experience of Ujjwal

Ujjwal is currently pursuing his Master's degree program in Electrical Engineering specialising in Smart Grid at Tampere University of Technology. He found his programme and enrolled via Studyportals. Ujjwal shared his story about his experience of searching and applying to a university abroad. Ujjwal Datta.jpg

About Me

Hello! I am Ujjwal Datta and I come from a very beautiful country named Bangladesh, geographically located in South Asia. I am 27 years old. My Bachelor's degree was in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. After completing my Bachelor's degree, I worked in the Telecommunication sector and later on in a power plant for 3 years.

Currently, I am studying at Tampere University of Technology in Hervanta, Finland. I am studying a Master's degree programme in Electrical Engineering specialising in Smart Grid. This is a 2-years full-time programme.

Technology is no more limited by by national borders and it has a great impact on technological innovative ideas. In order to get involved and familiarised with the latest technology and advancements, there is no better alternative than receiving an international education. Abroad experiences give the opportunity to get acquainted with different cultures and people. So, considering new places, friends, career ideas, and technical fields all over the globe highly encouraged me to study abroad.

Searching for study options

I have searched many websites to find my desired study programme, but I got details about my field of interest on Studyportals, as they have all the information to decide which institute would be beneficial and economical. Course requirements, application requirements, information about where to apply and much more, is all available on this website. My university contains my desired subjects as well as desired area of research.

I first found the desired information about the university programme on Studyportals, and then I went to the university website, looking for details on research topics in my department.

I was using Studyportals from the very beginning, before the application period started. Usually, most of the information required for application was there, but the research areas weren't featured. But I found that information on the university webpage. The university web address is also given on Studyportals, and that seems OK.

Deciding for a university

I always consider the academics & faculty, cost & funding, social life, city and country, when deciding on higher studies abroad.

This university wasn’t my first choice, but one of the top choices. I also got admission in some other universities: UNSW Australia, New Castle University Australia, SKKU Korea. I was expecting funding for my studies, but I didn't manage to get it. Considering the financial matter, TUT matched best as there are no tuition fees, decent living cost as well as excellent study subjects, that all lead me to the conclusion I should come here.

I wasn’t quite sure about this particular university and country. But after careful consideration and looking through the different universities and countries, I made the decision to take my Master's degree here.

I am not from an English speaking country, so I needed to have the IELTS or TOEFL Test. I had chosen IELTS as this covers all the areas of English skills. It was a quite good experience. I got a score of 7, which is quite decent overall. I have also started to learn Finnish and completed Finnish-1.

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I will advise you to study abroad and get to know the diverse cultures & people, the study environment and the new diverse technologies. Before taking the decision about a particular country or university, get to know the faculties, the research laboratories, ask for former student's experiences. Apply and have a look on StudyPortals about the variations and scopes of study all over the globe and then decide.

I have financed my study from my personal income. Usually, there is two best fitted options for higher studies: 1) Own income 2) Parent's income. I would suggest to make some money working at your job and then come study abroad.

I would recommend this university, as this is one of the top universities in Finland. The programmes benefit from an up-to-date curriculum and great research facilities. From my experience of the last couple of months, I would like to give my experience an 8.

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I don’t care what I have done in the past. I want to make sure that I am not doing anything wrong from now on, which could make me suffer in future.

The biggest surprise was how studying abroad can broaden our point of view and impact our way of thinking, acting and so on.

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